Why Amino Acid Therapy for Opiate Addiction Works

Why Amino Acid Therapy for Opiate Addiction Works

why amino acid therapy for opiate addiction works

Why Amino Acid Therapy for Opiate Addiction Works

Amino acid therapy has been making its way up to the forefront of modern rehab.  But is it effective for opiate addictions?  We’re here to answer this question and to tell you why amino acid therapy for opiate addiction works.

Why Amino Acid Therapy for Opiate Addiction Works

What is Amino Acid Therapy?

Amino Acid Therapy is a form of addiction treatment that is given through an IV.  Amino acids are the body’s “building blocks,” so they’re responsible for keeping the chemistry in our brain balanced.  When we use drugs, the chemistry in our brain becomes imbalanced, so using the amino acid supplements helps create new neurotransmitters that remedy that imbalance.

How Do Opiates Affect Your Brain?

Opiates attach to receptors in the brain. These are usually the variety of opioids that our bodies create naturally.  Once they’ve attached, they send an “opioid effect” signal to the brain, which blocks pain, slows breathing, and has a calming and anti-depressing effect.  The body isn’t capable of producing enough natural opioids to stop severe or chronic pain, nor can it produce enough to cause an overdose.

Opiates are able to activate receptors in the brain because their chemical structure mimics that of natural neurotransmitters.  Their similar structure tricks receptors and allows the drugs to lock onto and activate nerve cells.  Even though these drugs mimic brain chemicals, they don’t activate nerve cells the same way a natural neurotransmitter would.  This leads to abnormal messages being transmitted through the network.

Our brains like to be rewarded, so opiates target the brain’s reward system by flooding it with dopamine.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in areas of the brain that regulate movement, emotion, cognition, motivation, and feelings of pleasure.  Overstimulating this system, which rewards natural behaviors, produces the feelings of euphoria that addicts continually try to find. This is then why they repeatedly misuse drugs.

How Does Amino Acid Therapy Help?

Amino acid supplements can help curb the appetite for unhealthy habits, especially during early addiction when the body doesn’t produce any positive hormones on its own.  Amino acid therapy can help bring a sense of control back to the individual struggling with the addiction.  The amino acids used during therapy are the ones our bodies use to create the neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for well-being and pleasure.

By using amino acid therapy, the dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain can “reset” themselves. This means they can go back to their normal levels and once again be our reward for natural behaviors.

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