Meet Our Staff

The Artesian Recovery Team


Our Mission

“Breaking the chains of alcohol and drug addiction can be a life or death matter.  Results count when your life is on the line.   Artesian Wellness & Recovery Centers get to the root cause of the addiction and mend the broken neuro pathways at the site of the brain’s reward center.  We create the optimal environment with the right wellness program to change the mind, and while applying precise neurological restoration to cement this transformation.  When results matter most, these are results for Life.”

Dr. Joan Collins, ND, RN, BA, CNMP, MH

Founder & CEO

A Registered Nurse and board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Association as a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Collins is a pioneer in integrative addiction treatment and founder of Artesian Wellness & Recovery Centers, LLC and Artesian Houses. She has a degree in psychology and is a member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions.  Holding degrees from Southeast Missouri State University, Southern Illinois University, and Trinity University, Dr. Collins has extensive counseling experience as well as expertise in establishing and managing medical organizations and wellness centers. She is passionate about wellness and dedicated to assisting those with addictions.


Kat Renick, CNA, CRRA, HM

Wellness Director

Kathleen Renick, CNA, serves as Artesian’s Wellness Director and Human Resources coordinator. She brings to the company over 35 years of managerial experience. Kat is a “food expert” – bringing fun and creativity to learning, teaching our clients how to shop AND prepare tasty and healthy food. Kat’s passion and connectivity to Artesian clients facilitate that in-depth change that leads to results for life.


Rebecca Booth, CAC, CRRA

Clinical Coordinator

Becky is certified as an Addiction Counselor and holds the position of Clinical Coordinator at Artesian Wellness and Recovery. Becky’s personal history with addiction led her into the field of treatment where she learned that addiction can look different on each person but the core feelings are what keeps us all holding on for a brighter future. Becky brings with her several years of experience but more importantly, an energy of enthusiasm for getting better.


Lauren McNamara

Administrative Coordinator

Lauren is a Stuart, Florida native, graduate of the University of Alabama with a BA in Psychology, as well as a current student at Indian River State College who is working towards a BA in Human Services. As Administrative Coordinator, Lauren handles all financial affairs and office management for Artesian Wellness & Recovery. Lauren brings with her several years of experience in the substance abuse treatment field; bringing an element of compassion and understanding to the business side of our program.


Amy Pagano, CAC

Primary Therapist

A former special education teacher from New Jersey, Amy has resided in Florida for the last 10 years. Her own personal struggles with addiction motivated her to pursue a CAC certification and offer the gift of hope to those in need. She believes that change can be difficult at first, but with courage and honesty, anything is possible. A motto she lives her life by: “we can change the course of our lives with a single choice.”