How To Start The Conversation About Addiction

How To Start The Conversation About Addiction

How To Start The Conversation About Addiction

After you have noticed the signs that someone you know has an addiction, it’s time to talk to them about it. This is always hard. There is no easy way to bring up the subject. To help you out, here are some tips on how to start the conversation about addiction.

How To Start The Conversation About Addiction

Talk to them when they are sober

It is always best to talk to someone when their head is clearest. Usually, this time is in the morning when they first wake up. Be sure to speak with them before they take their first hit of the day.

 Keep your cool

No matter how frustrated you might get, stay calm. Don’t let them make you angry. You want this to be a discussion, not an argument. The person you’re talking to might get defensive and try to start a fight. Don’t fall for that. Remain calm and collected. Let them know your goal is to keep it a discussion, not an argument.

Do not judge them

While it may be hard to resist the urge to judge them for the choices they have made. Don’t. You are not having this conversation to put them down and make them feel worse about what they have done. The purpose is to help them, not lecture them.

Be honest about how you feel

Tell them the truth about how their actions have made you feel. Don’t sugar coat it. Addicts don’t always fully realize how much their actions have hurt others. Let them know how their choices have affected you. Protecting them from the pain they have cause will not help them get better.

Consider having an intervention

When you have done all you can to try to talk to this person but they just won’t change their bad habits, it might be time to have an intervention. The message may be more effective with more friends and family together speaking about how they have been hurt, as opposed to just you. Interventions can get heavy, though, so it’s wise to have a professional who is trained to lead them present.

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