Saved by a Miracle

Saved by a Miracle

Fr. Donald Calloway of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception is a Catholic priest that used to be a drug addict. Isn’t it impressing? The person who has used heroine, cocaine, opium, marijuana, alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, finally overcame addiction with a help of a book.

At the age of 18, Calloway consumed all forms of drugs, enjoyed partying at night and listening to heavy-metal music. As a follower of the rock band the Grateful Dead, he made a big tattoo with its name. As Calloway doesn’t remember the moment of getting that tattoo, he must have been stoned. Now this tattoo is a trace of his past that was full of problems with law and addiction.

Calloway’s stepfather was an officer. During some time they lived on a military base in Japan. Taking up with the wrong guys, Calloway stole thousands of dollars in merchandise and got arrested. This boy was angry and rebellious. His family tried to help him by checking their child into rehabilitation facilities. Despite this, Calloway hated his family. The only person he could normally talk to was his younger brother. Donald wanted to stay at home and be an example for him. At the same he didn’t have enough time for staying at home, as he was preoccupied with girlfriends and drug buddies.

Some time has passed. Calloway checked into a rehabilitation clinic in Pennsylvania. Still, he didn’t realize that his addiction was growing. Calloway can easily describe his awful experience, “On one occasion, I even found myself in a crack house, crawling around on the rug on my hands and knees looking for any cocaine that might have fallen on the floor. There were cockroaches running around and maggots in the sink from all the unwashed dishes. A crying baby could be heard, unattended in a back room. Yet there I was on the floor, right along with the baby’s mother, searching frantically for white specs on the floor. If we found anything white, we’d put it in the bowl and smoke it, even if we didn’t know what it was.”

How could a drug addict turn into a devout Catholic priest? Everything started in March 1992. Instead of going to a party, Donald decided to stay at home. He was lonely and sad. Calloway started realizing that his life was a mess. Feeling depressed and restless, he started looking through the books. Suddenly, an intriguing book called “The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje” caught his eye.

Having read the story of the Marian apparitions in Medjugorje, Calloway realized that he wanted to change his life. He understood that he wanted to believe in God. He wasn’t anxious or restless anymore. With a help of prayers and fasting, Calloway could return to reconciliation with God. His soul was full of peace and serenity.

It’s difficult to believe, but this book has helped Donald to start a new life. Calloway remembers, “Although I was in serious despair about my life, as I read the book, I felt as if my heart was being melted. I hung on to each word like it was transmitting life straight to me.” This book was amazing and convincing. Calloway felt the strength to change his life and believe in God. He threw away all the dirty possessions of his past: drugs, porno magazines and pipes.

After throwing out all those things, Calloway felt the desire to pray. This was the first prayer in his life. Having the overwhelming feelings of regret and remorse, Donald started crying. Then something supernatural happened. Feeling peaceful and full of joy, Calloway left his body. He says, “My physical form remained on the couch, but my soul or spirit had left.” Then he heard the most beautiful feminine voice. With a pure maternal love, it said, “Donnie, I’m so happy.” Calloway says, “I knew this was the voice of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I was so at peace that I felt like a little boy snuggled close to his mother’s breast. I was so at peace, so loved, and so at rest that I went into a deep sleep.”

The phenomenon of hearing a spiritual presence is called an interior locution. Having had such an experience, Donald felt the desire to become a priest. After several years of studying, Calloway graduated with an advanced degree. His life changed gradually. He used to be surrounded by despair, depression and darkness. Now Donald’s soul is full of peace and grace. Calloway proves that every drug addict can be cured. Be strong and you’ll feel the peace you seek.

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