Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy is all about creation… creating positive experiences, wonderful memories, be a better you and learning to have Fun!

Recreational activities include but are not limited to:

  • Visiting the white sand beaches of the Treasure Coast
  • Picnics at the local and State parks
  • Ocean boat tours
  • Nature walks
  • Visits to the marinas
  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Racquetball
  • Bird Watching
  • Paddle boarding
  • Paint Ball adventures

Recreational therapy is an effective and fun part of recovery. Even walking on the beach will increase the beneficial neurotransmitters in the brain thereby reducing cravings. By making the body active and experiencing positive emotions, “feel good” dopamine and endorphins are released in the brain.

Often times people get addicted to a drug or to alcohol because they are lacking these neurotransmitters in their brain and the drug or other substance actually functions as a substitute. Recreational activity aids in this process of replenishing neurotransmitters and will also help the body to grow stronger and will enhance your well-being.

Artesian Wellness & Recovery Centers Key West style housing is located within walking distance, 1.5 miles, of Sandsprit Park, which is located on the Indian River. Clients can soak in the beauty of the great Florida outdoors and have the opportunity to enjoy picnics, yoga, and other therapeutic activities in the expansive splendor of nature.

Artesian is nestled in an environment of coastal living and is surrounded by beaches, rivers, parks and local shops. Museums, malls, and renowned golf courses are other attractions in the area. Stuart is also home to a quaint historic downtown area filled with music, corner shops, ice cream parlors, and restaurants. The area is also known for its Sailfish fishing. Downtown Stuart is located on the bank of the Indian River which is home to Snook, Sea Trout, Red Fish, Mullet, and Mangrove Snapper.