“Monster Mobster” Used to Be a Drug Addict

“Monster Mobster” Used to Be a Drug Addict

Richard Foreman, father of a 38-year-old Matthew Thomas Foreman, states that his son doesn’t live up to the nickname “Monster Mobster”. Richard says that Matthew has suffered from drug addiction since being at the age of 17.

The elder Foreman says, “He started doing heroin right out of high school.” Trying to overcome addiction, Matthew has been to fifteen treatment centers. Matthew really wanted to get clean. As his father says, “He has two kids who he loves to death.” Matthew’s children were living in Ohio together with their mother. After unsuccessful attempts to find a job there, Foreman began using drugs again. As his father says, at that moment Matthew’s been clean for 5 years.

As Columbus police states, Matthew Foreman allegedly robbed several places in Ohio. Wearing a sweatshirt with Monster Energy logo and brandishing a gun, Foreman robbed a pizzeria, golf center, one burger restaurant and two stores. Foreman, a man responsible for several armed robberies in the area of Columbus, left Ohio and went to Palm Beach County detox facility.

The Marshals Service arrested Foreman in the detox center. As the marshals spokesman Barry Golden says, “We took him into custody without incident, he admitted that he was there for heroin issues.” Being arrested, Foreman says, “If you do the crime, I guess you have to do the time.”

Now Matthew Foreman is at the Palm Beach County Jail. His father considers the trip to the detox center in Palm Beach County to be a part of son’s recovery.

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