Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

Addicts will often say what they feel must be said to hide their addiction. They can’t let it show that their dependency is bad and they have to convince themselves to keep using to avoid the horrors of withdrawal. It really is just a defense mechanism. An easy way out. The lies addicts tell themselves are a way to protect themselves from the reality of what their addiction has done to their lives.

Lies Addicts Tell Themselves

“My addiction doesn’t affect anyone else.”

The harsh reality is that their addiction does affect other people. Unfortunately, they don’t want to accept that so they tell themselves that their addiction isn’t hurting the people they care about, or who care about them. Addiction doesn’t just break apart the addict’s life, but others’ lives around them, too.

“I’d never be able to manage my problems without drugs/alcohol.”

Addicts tell themselves that the substances they abuse help them function in their everyday life. Drugs and alcohol are often a way for people to self-medicate, so without them, addicts wouldn’t have a way to cope with what the world throws at them. The unfortunate truth is that drugs and alcohol are actually making things a lot worse for the addict.

“I can stop whenever I want to.”

This is a common one. Addicts like to feel as if they’re in control. By saying they can stop their addiction whenever they want, they’re allowing themselves to believe that they’re still calling the shots in their life. This justification also makes them feel like they have a choice and the addiction doesn’t have control over them.

“I’m not like that person…they’re really in bad shape.”

Addicts like to compare themselves to other addicts as a way to gauge how bad their substance abuse is. If they can point to someone who appears to be doing worse than they are, it will make them feel like a better person, even though addiction is addiction regardless of the level a person is at.

“I don’t care about my life and I don’t care if my addiction kills me.”

This is a sign that an addict has hit a pretty low point in their life. When life becomes meaningless to them and they are so consumed with pain and sadness, the substance abuse seems justified. A cycle then begins of using and feeling down, using and feeling even worse, and so on.

“Life won’t be fun without drugs or alcohol.”

Yet another justification for an addict to continue using drugs and alcohol. This one also comes out of fear that if they stop using, they won’t have anything to do and won’t have any friends. That’s just not true. Addicts become so used to living life around their substance abuse that they never explore outside of going to bars, clubs or parties. They will find sober activities to participate in, and they will find friends who will do those sober activities with them.

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