Letting Go of Substance Abusing Friends

Letting Go of Substance Abusing Friends

Letting Go Of Substance Abusing Friends

It’s a scary thought. Leaving behind all the people you’ve always spent time with. It’s a very necessary action to take, though. Once you have left that life behind for a life of sobriety, you cannot afford to be surrounded by those people anymore. Letting go of substance abusing friends is one of the difficult steps you must take in your journey.

Letting Go of Substance Abusing Friends

Ever since your addiction began, you have been hanging out with those who indulge in the same destructive behavior. You enjoyed their company and, as far as you were concerned, they enjoyed yours. Of course, that’s not entirely true. As unfortunate as it may sound, your friendship was founded on addiction and recklessness. You hung out with them because they did the same things you did, and vice versa. In other words, the relationships you formed under those circumstances were toxic.

Be prepared that once you leave that life behind, chances are pretty likely they won’t want to hang out with you anymore. You won’t be drinking or doing drugs anymore, so you’re not as “fun” to them. You probably can’t convince them to do anything else that doesn’t involve what you did in the good old days, either.

That’s okay. You will be so ready to live that clean and sober life that you aren’t going to be interested in hanging out with them anyway. It will be tough at first, because they feel like the only people you know, but once you convince yourself you’re better off without their influence, things will get easier. The fact that they don’t want to hang out with you might help, too. They won’t bug you to hang out with them as much. Which is fine, because you will go on to find new friends who support your sobriety.

Moving On

Now that you’ve broken up with your substance abusing friends, it’s time to move forward with your life. You should find new activities that you can do that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. If this seems difficult at first, that’s normal. You’ve spent a lot of your time in the past making plans around your addiction. Now that you’re free from that, the options are endless. It really comes down to finding something you enjoy doing sober. There are many groups out there that you can join to start putting yourself out there again.

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