Intensive Wellness Program

At the heart of every thing that Artesian Wellness and Recovery Centers does is our mission to educate all of our clients on the body’s ability to heal itself. Many individuals do not realize that given the proper nutrients through diet & supplementation our body is its own most powerful resource. Often times we will see individuals (who may or may not have had a substance abuse or addiction in the past) with health that is in shambles. They’re a walking shell of what may have previously been an individual full of health and vitality. The body is in crisis and all that has been done up to this point is the inhalation of medication after medication to band-aid the symptoms or indicators of the body’s distress.

Our Intensive Wellness program can be the health restoration that the truly sick client needs. Through a strategically designed diet of nutrient loaded juices & smoothies, supplementation, cutting edge IV Amino Acid therapies and other therapeutic elements we have seen many individuals transformed from a sick person, to someone who is truly well.

Individuals who meet the criteria for Intensive Wellness are:

  • Have already successfully completed a detox program.
  • Are physically frail and suffering damage to body and brain as a result of addiction.
  • Able to ambulate with minimal assistance or use of an assistive device.
  • Can reside in an assisted living setting.
  • Cognitively able to follow directives.
  • Unable to qualify for admission to a traditional substance abuse treatment setting due to complications, level of dependency and/or medical conditions.
  • Need assistance to complete activities of daily living.

As a part of the Intensive Wellness Program individuals will receive:

  • Wellness program designed specifically to each individual’s own direct needs.
  • Recovery program designed with a concierge mentality to cater to the client as an individual.
  • Housing in an assisted living environment.
  • 24 hour supervision & assistance by a contracted professional caregiver.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Freshly prepared juices and smoothies each day.
  • Supplementation to fuel the brain and body towards recovery.
  • Individual therapy
  • Possible participation in meaningful day activities such as
    • Tai-chi
    • Group music therapy
    • Board & Card Games
    • Access to recreational/gym environment such as LA Fitness

Artesian alumni enjoy a success rate of 85% recovery rate in comparison to those who entered a traditional treatment facility at 25%. Still skeptical of the benefits of Artesian’s unconventional approach? Has anything else worked for you up to this point? Call us today, we would love the opportunity to speak to you.