The Importance of a Sponsor in Addiction Recovery

The Importance of a Sponsor in Addiction Recovery

The Importance of a Sponsor in Addiction Recovery

Having someone by your side who has been through the trials of recovery can be a great benefit for you as you recover from addiction. They can share their experiences with you as you encounter similar struggles. The importance of a sponsor in addiction recovery is different for everyone, but is definitely worth considering.

The Importance of a Sponsor in Addiction Recovery

When a person begins rehab, whether or not they should get a sponsor is an almost immediate topic of discussion. While it’s ultimately up to the recovering addict, it isn’t a bad idea to have one. It can be a bit intimidating to choose a person to open up to when times get tough. Sponsors are people who have been where you are and have passed that point, so they can help walk you through it.

A Sponsor’s Role

Your sponsor will have a lot of life experience including life outside of rehab, so they can answer a wide range of questions. When you have something you need help with, they will listen – regardless of the time. There is usually an agreement that says the sponsee can contact their sponsor at anytime of the day and night. Problems can happen at any time, so sponsors are always on call. Having someone listen to you will help you talk things out and put your problems into perspective. Your sponsor will keep an eye on you, and if they see you heading down the wrong path, they can step in and help you start moving back in the right direction.

One of your sponsor’s most important jobs is helping you through recovery. By being a shoulder to lean on through the tough days of rehab, they help you move closer and closer to a new, sober life. It’s not just about helping you reach your goals by what you do, though. They must also be a good role model for you and set an example of how to live a sober life.

As relapse is common for recovering addicts, sponsors can help talk their sponsees down from a relapse. If you’re having the urge to use again, for whatever reason, you can call your sponsor. They will talk to you about why you want to turn back to drugs or alcohol and can help you figure out what led to this situation to avoid it in the future.

Choosing A Sponsor

Choosing a sponsor is something that needs to be taken seriously. This is someone you are going to be turning to when you break down and need someone to turn to. A bad sponsor can destroy your recovery. Look for someone with the following attributes:

  • Someone who had a strong recovery. If they were successful in their recovery, they will have a better chance of being able to help you through yours.
  • Someone of the same sex for heterosexuals; Opposite sex for homosexuals. It is recommended to choose a sponsor that you know you won’t end up dating. Being in a relationship while recovering from an addiction adds extra emotions that can potentially cause relapse. In this case, you definitely want to remain platonic with the person who is there to help you through situations like that.
  • Someone trustworthy. You want to choose someone you feel safe feeling your most intense emotions with; who you know won’t betray your confidence.
  • Someone who has more years of sobriety than you. This will most likely be the case, but in the event that you’re tempted to go with someone who has been sober for fewer years than you: Don’t. Find a sponsor who will have had a good number of years to build up wisdom that they can share with you.

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