Holistic Recovery In Stuart

Results for Life

Drug, alcohol and process addictions are an extremely serious problem and require a sophisticated, multi-modality approach in order to facilitate Results for Life.

An addicted population trying to resolve this struggle, find that using traditional methods only, like a 12-step program, just isn’t working for them. At Artesian we understand that you are an individual and as such your treatment needs to be designed for you holistically.

For us, the holistic approach is important because it combines the importance of the health of the individual, the health of the mind, and the health of the spirit. In 2009 alone according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network there were around 2.1 million hospital emergency room visits that were related to drug abuse. These are startling numbers, showing just how widespread and difficult addiction is to deal with.

Holistic drug treatment takes a different approach than the more traditional methods and can eliminate the use of addictive medications to help combat addiction.  In the event that medication is necessary initially, a holistic approach can facilitate the decrease in amount of medications and possibly even elimination.


Body, mind and spiritual healing are necessary to achieve complete sobriety.