Holistic addictions recovery explained

Holistic addictions recovery explained


Holistic Recovery Centers for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol addiction is a real problem, and one that should be treated with the proper respect. Often people who are trying to conquer this struggle find that traditional methods, like a 12-step program just isn’t working for them.
At Artesian Wellness & Recovery Centers, we understand that you are an individual and as such your treatment needs to be designed for you as a whole. One of the ways that we go about this is to work with those who prefer, or haven’t had great success with traditional methods, in a more holistic manner. For us, the holistic approach is important because it combines the idea of the health of the individual, the health of the mind, and the health of the spirit. In 2009 alone according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network there were around 2.1 million hospital emergency room visits that were related to drug abuse. These are startling numbers, showing just how widespread and difficult addiction is to deal with.

The Holistic Rehab Approach

Holistic drug treatment takes a different approach than the more traditional methods, and doesn’t involve the use of medications to help combat addiction. The holistic approach to addiction focus more on the underlying spiritual and mental issues that often lead people to seek out drugs or alcohol. Some of the techniques that are used in a holistic setting include things like yoga sessions. Yoga sessions focus on meditation and relaxation which become a new method for dealing with the issues that you are facing. During your therapy in a holistic program, you will find that you learn to understand the processes that lead you to use drugs or alcohol in the first place. This deep understanding will help you to identify the problems and avoid them in the future.

 Visualization for Addictions Treatment and Recovery

Another method that is often used during a holistic recovery program is learning to use different ways to cope with your cravings, including learning to use visualizations. Visualization exercise help you to put yourself into a situation and discover new ways to handle it, as well as see answers that you might miss otherwise. You will also be taught how to disrupt the negative thoughts that are so common with addiction. By changing the negative thoughts into positive or even neutral thoughts you’ll be able overcome difficult moments you face during your recovery.The holistic approach isn’t for everyone, but for some it provides the right level of support, and skills to powerfully overcome their addiction and move on with their lives in a positive and productive way.

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