Fun Activities to Meet New People After Recovery

Fun Activities to Meet New People After Recovery

Fun Activities To Meet New People After Recovery

After going through recovery, it’s important to try and find activities you can participate in that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Participating in sober activities is also a great way to meet new people who support your sobriety. Fun activities to meet new people after recovery are all around you if you know what you want and know where to look.

Fun Activities to Meet New People After Recovery

Join A Club

There are many different clubs out there that cover interests of all kinds. Check your local library to see what they offer. They will likely offer book clubs, which provide substance and will constantly give you different topics to look forward to. You may also find computer clubs for those interested in learning more about the technology sector. Churches also often offer groups where people can gather to grow and get to know others in the community.

Exercise Groups

Exercise is necessary during and after recovery. It can be a great form of release. Gyms usually offer multiple classes focused on different ways of exercising so there’s something for everyone. If you’re more of a sports fanatic, look for an intramural sports league and participate in sports including basketball, softball, tennis, or soccer. To slow things down, try taking a yoga class to calm your mind, body and spirit. Or, take a martial arts class to practice discipline, patience and physical fitness. For the outdoorsy people, there is also hiking.

Take A Class

Taking a class presents a multitude of options. There are classes on nearly anything you can imagine. If you were horrible with money while on drugs and alcohol and want to be better with your money now, take a finance class on keeping a budget. You could even take a class on something you’ve always wanted to be good at like playing an instrument, learning a new language, or painting. Maybe do something completely random that you never thought you’d do like go out stargazing, bird watching, gardening, or learn some magic tricks. You could even join the community theatre. Audition for a part in the show or volunteer to help build sets, work the ticket window, or help out elsewhere during the show.


Join a local non-profit or two. These organizations often need extra hands to help out at fundraising events or to help spread the word about the work they do. Look for causes that mean a lot to you and reach out to them about volunteering and see what you can do for them.

Do you have any fun activities to meet new people after recovery that you would like to share? Share them with us! If you or someone you know if struggling with an addiction, call us today at 855.981.2020.

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