Education and Counseling Program

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is designed to help you learn how healthy and delicious food can be enjoyable and, most importantly, how nutritious food is imperative for healing your body from damage caused by substance abuse. We will provide you with the tools needed to become healthy in order to gain that sense of well-being that comes from achieving physiological balance. Come experience tasty and nutritious food while you are here and take home the knowledge and skills to continue with your new habits in order to prevent relapse. Our holistic whole life approach helps to increase your chance of success.

Food Shopping Guidance

Classroom instruction on healthful eating and grocery shopping as well as assistance during shopping excursions will be provided while you are here with us. We’ll help you learn which foods will enhance recovery and which foods would be best to avoid.

Since healthy eating begins at the supermarket, you will be given excellent educational information as well as great shopping tips and assistance to set you on the path to success.

Food Preparation

Small changes in your diet can reap big rewards. Our “how-to” classes in food preparation will help you have fun making healthy, delicious meals you will love. You’ll learn how to incorporate more nutritious foods into your diet with simple, tasty recipes. As you commit to providing your body with the nutrition it needs, you’ll actually begin to prefer healthy foods. In our classes, you’ll sample healthy sweet treats and smoothies that will stimulate your appetite for more nutritious, delicious foods.

Boundaries classes

While you are with us, you will receive training regarding boundaries. Establishing clear boundaries in your life will help you manage everyday stressors and give you another tool for getting and staying healthy and balanced. Based on the work of Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, our boundaries classes will help you to set a type of personal “property line” that marks those things for which you are responsible and those things for which you are not responsible. These classes will help you to identify legitimate boundaries and to see that setting and maintaining boundaries or limits in your life will actually improve your relationships and your sense of well-being. Setting boundaries is essential to a successful life free from addiction.

Relapse prevention

Relapse prevention involves pre-planning. At Artesian, we will help you address the physical, mental, and emotional issues that could signal trouble for you. We will work with you to identify the high-risk factors, e.g., people, places, situations and even physical disorders that may be problematic. Our professionals will help you plan for success regarding these possible triggers. You will learn to execute techniques that will assist you in remaining healthy and free from addiction. The amino acid therapy you will receive during treatment is designed to restore your brain and body to biochemical balance, which helps prevent relapse. As part of your recovery program at Artesian, you will be taught positive coping skills and attitudes to handle life’s challenges. Your support systems, e.g., family, friends, and sponsor, will also be addressed in developing a solid relapse prevention plan for you.

Twelve Step Recovery

Artesian strongly encourages participation in a 12 step program or Celebrate Recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the original 12-step fellowship, was founded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in 1935. Since then, twelve-step methods have been adopted to address a wide range of problems, including substance abuse/dependency. Narcotics Anonymous (NA) was formed to more specifically address issues of drug abuse and dependency. In fellowship groups, AA/NA members share experiences, strength, and hope with each other in order to stay sober and to help other alcohol or substance dependent persons. The twelve-step principles in combination with our other integrative services form a powerful resource for your recovery. Bill Wilson once said “someday science may find the answer” referring to the treatment of alcoholism.

In light of neuroscientific and biochemical discoveries, which have uncovered many of the causes of addictions, plus advanced treatment techniques that are providing up to 75% long-term recovery rates, Artesian abandons the concepts of shame, blame, and guilt for that of a brain function disease that is beyond conscious control and is fully curable.

12 step groups such as AA and Celebrate Recovery are provided in the community. Transportation to group meetings will be provided by Artesian for individuals wishing to participate.

Avoidance of trigger foods

During your treatment at Artesian, you will receive wellness education including information about “trigger” foods, i.e., foods that cause a negative biochemical response within the body, which will also affect your mind and emotions. Foods such as sugar, white flour, gluten, caffeine, soy, dairy, and others may cause physical and emotional problems. Some foods may trigger an adrenal response, such as an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone, which at higher, prolonged levels in the bloodstream can have negative effects. Some foods may cause a drop in blood sugar that can cause confusion, dizziness, trembling, anxiety, a racing pulse, or other negative symptoms. We can actually become addicted to certain trigger foods and experience intense cravings for them if we attempt to eliminate them from our diet. Inflammation results from consumption of some of these foods and can cause damage to the neurotransmitters thereby promoting addiction and cravings. Some of these foods can also cause the brain to release endorphins, resulting in a “high” and setting us up to crave more of that same trigger food. Amino acid therapy can greatly relieve the withdrawal effects caused by the elimination of trigger foods by supporting the brain. The education you will receive will be useful in helping you make informed decisions to improve your diet and your health, and thus avoid substance abuse.


When your body begins to receive good nutrition, you will begin (at a cellular level) to eliminate stored toxins that may have been with you for years. You will learn how to expedite this “unloading” of “toxic waste” so that you can experience that sense of well-being you have been yearning for. Various modalities will be used to assist in this detox process, e.g., Fiber Cleanse, dry heat sauna and more.