What causes addictions?

What causes addictions?

Could You Be An Addict Even Before Ever Using?

The cause of addiction has long been explored. There have been debates over whether addiction is a lifestyle choice, or a mental illness that one is born with. There is some factual evidence that points to addiction being genetic. If addiction is in fact something that is inherited, could an individual be an addict before ever touching a substance? Read the definition of addiction here.

Addiction has two very important components that are easily recognizable in any addicted individual: obsessive and compulsive behaviors. This is when the individual does something compulsively, an activity or a substance, without thinking of the consequences. Their minds are consumed with obtaining more of, or participating in more frequently, that particular habit. Their thoughts are obsessively wrapped around the behavior or substance, and it viciously consumes all brain activity forcing the individual to spend most of their time thinking about that obsession.

Addiction manifests itself in many forms. An individual can be addicted to food, sex, gambling, self-harm, shopping, substances, social media, video games, or anything else that gives off a rushing surge of excitability to the brain that can only be described as a high. Addicts continuously chase that high from whatever it is that will give it to them. It is possible for individuals to be addicted to more than one habit at a time in a detrimental form of addiction called cross-addiction.

healing the addicted brain with neurotransmitter therapy.

There are recognizable character defects that go along with addiction. Some of these, such as the feeling of inadequacy, result from abandonment issues or trauma including molestation and abuse. Another character defect that many addicted individuals possess is rage. This is often a result of physical abuse from a young age. Addicts characteristically have emotional and personality flaws that can indicate an addictive personality.

It is possible that an individual can display the characteristics of having an addictive personality before ever touching a substance as a result of the way their brain chemicals are formulated. Many individuals who have are conscious of their addiction believe that they were addicts their entire lives. There are addicts in recovery who often say that, looking back on their lives, especially childhood, they can point out particular events that happened in which they were already showing the characteristics of being an addict.

It is very possible that people can be born with addictive traits, and that some individuals are more prone to addiction than others. Those who know they have addiction in their bloodline must be especially careful when participating in anything that can become an addictive habit. Addiction is a disease that overtakes one’s brain and damages the neurotransmitters, Enrolling at a treatment facility that understands this and knows how to heal an addicted brain can begin an addict’s recovery and improve their life. Our holistic neurotransmitter therapies help an addict heal their brain so they are able to recover. 

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