Sober Living

The Importance of Life Skills for Recovering Addicts

Life skills are essential for recovering addicts during treatment and in sobriety. These skills can be crucial in helping people overcome their addiction and can be taken with them as they return to society. Without these skills, addicts are more likely to struggle with stressful situations and big life decisions. Therefore, life skills for recovering addicts are an important part of why they succeed after treatment. The Importance of Life Skills for Recovering Addicts Life skills are important for addicts to maintain sobriety [...]

7 Things You Should Know About Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes have long provided a safe transition for recovering addicts. Unfortunately, they have also faced harsh criticism for false facts. These homes are not dark, dingy places deserving of nothing but judgmental glances. In fact, to clear the air, here are 7 things you should know about sober living homes. 7 Things You Should Know About Sober Living Homes 1. Sober living homes are not homeless shelters Sober homes are often incorrectly associated with homelessness, but that is far from true. They [...]

The Importance of a Sponsor in Addiction Recovery

Having someone by your side who has been through the trials of recovery can be a great benefit for you as you recover from addiction. They can share their experiences with you as you encounter similar struggles. The importance of a sponsor in addiction recovery is different for everyone, but is definitely worth considering. The Importance of a Sponsor in Addiction Recovery When a person begins rehab, whether or not they should get a sponsor is an almost immediate topic of [...]

6 Books To Inspire You As You Fight Addiction

It can be very calming to curl up with a good book. When you’re fighting an addiction and are on the road to recovery, it can be especially helpful when that book also helps inspire you to keep going. Here are some books to inspire you as you fight addiction that we recommend. 6 Books To Inspire You As You Fight Addiction *The following are descriptions from the backs of the books. Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget by  Sarah Hepola For [...]

Fun Activities to Meet New People After Recovery

After going through recovery, it’s important to try and find activities you can participate in that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Participating in sober activities is also a great way to meet new people who support your sobriety. Fun activities to meet new people after recovery are all around you if you know what you want and know where to look. Fun Activities to Meet New People After Recovery Join A Club There are many different clubs out there that cover interests of [...]

The Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

Everyone has different needs. For some, a strict schedule will help them get on and stay on the road to recovery. For others, the freedom to live life the way they always have, but with some adjustments is a better option. People who need the latter option should consider the benefits of outpatient rehab. Through this kind of treatment program, they can continue to go to work or school and participate in their usual activities, while attending rehab sessions. The Benefits [...]

You Relapsed. Now What?

There’s no going back in time. You relapsed. Now what? It’s time to face what happened, pick up the pieces, and go back to treatment. Relapse is a part of recovery, so you don’t have to feel ashamed. And you definitely shouldn’t feel like you failed. You Relapsed. Now What? Respond immediately, don’t wait Once you have relapsed, it’s important that you act right away. The longer you wait to start working back toward recovery, the more time your relapse has to [...]

5 Tasty Foods to Help You Through Recovery

Eating healthy is a good way to detox after addiction. Substance abuse can ruin your body and cause many parts to stop functioning properly. This means it’s very important to make sure you follow the proper diet, so try these tasty foods to help you through recovery. 5 Tasty Foods to Help You Through Recovery 1. Fruits and Veggies Drugs and alcohol bring down your immune system, making you susceptible to many different illnesses. Antioxidants boost your immune system to fight off those illnesses. [...]

Letting Go of Substance Abusing Friends

It’s a scary thought. Leaving behind all the people you’ve always spent time with. It’s a very necessary action to take, though. Once you have left that life behind for a life of sobriety, you cannot afford to be surrounded by those people anymore. Letting go of substance abusing friends is one of the difficult steps you must take in your journey. Letting Go of Substance Abusing Friends Ever since your addiction began, you have been hanging out with those who [...]

The Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation

Inpatient rehabilitation will help anyone hoping to recover from an addiction. It might not suit everyone, though. For some, maintaining their lifestyle is what they need during recovery. For others, it’s important that they remain close to others who are on similar journeys and in an environment where a healthy lifestyle is encouraged. The people who find themselves in the latter category are who will see the benefits of inpatient rehabilitation. The Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation Structure Structure can really help people [...]