Top Rehab Centers In Florida

Addiction recovery for drugs or alcohol is a topic that is very serious. One of the many determining factors for a successful road to recovery is the treatment center experience. Since rehab has been known to affect people differently it is imperative to find the right center for those struggling. Choosing a center will be a difficult decision, but a detailed explanation of the top rehab centers can help make the process a little easier. Here is a list of the [...]

Does Rehab Work: What Makes An Effective Program

Artesian Wellness offers an integrative recovery plan with a success rate at a comparable industry standard of 85%. Artesian Wellness’s well-known program targets mind, body, and spirit for an all-encompassing rehabilitation experience. Utilizing neurofeedback, nutrition, and amino acid therapy, Artesian Wellness also creates a path to sobriety and healthy living that lasts.Does rehab work? There is a lot of skepticism surrounding rehabilitation centers. Do they work? Are they just a money-making ploy for businesses to profit off of mental illness? [...]

What are the Symptoms of Alcoholism? | Artesian Recovery

What are the symptoms of alcoholism? When does casual drinking turn into early alcohol abuse? The holiday season can be a difficult time to balance expectations of drinking in a social setting and also make it a safe space to spend time with friends and loved ones. Alcoholism can take many forms and doesn’t always show up the same way for everyone. In this article, we’ll share more about the warning signs and symptoms of alcoholism. When is it considered alcohol abuse? (Source: WebMD)Your [...]

8 Telling Signs You Need To Go To Alcohol Rehab

If you’re starting to feel like you might need help with an alcohol addiction, then you have made a great first step in coming to our site for help. In this article, we will discuss signs you need to go to alcohol rehab and help you take a deeper look inside to see if this is what you need. 8 Telling Signs You Need To Go To Alcohol Rehab 1. You have developed a tolerance to the alcohol When you find that you [...]

What People Have to Say About Artesian Wellness and Recovery

What People Have To Say About Artesian Wellness and Recovery Choosing the right rehab facility is a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We understand that. And while we know that holistic recovery might not be for everyone, we also believe that it’s worth a shot if nothing else has worked for you. We believe in our program 100 percent. But if you’re feeling a bit skeptical, listen to these people who have been successful in our program. Take a look at what [...]

What is Holistic Recovery and Rehabilitation?

What is holistic recovery and rehabilitation? You’ve probably heard the term “holistic” before. But what does it mean? And what does the recovery process entail? Here at Artesian, we’re all about holistic recovery and rehabilitation. It’s what we do. So we love to share what you’ll get out of holistic recovery. What is holistic recovery and rehabilitation? Holistic medicine means that the focus is not just on the physical healing of the patient, but also on their mind and spirit as well. When taking [...]

Words Of Encouragement: Inspiration in Recovery

Words of Encouragement: Inspiration in Recovery Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get us through the day. That’s okay. Here are some words of encouragement to help you on your journey to recovery. Words of Encouragement “You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. You were created to be victorious.” – Joel Osteen “Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober; not to make us sorry but wise.” – H. G. Wells Sometimes we face failure. [...]

Holistic addictions recovery explained

Holistic Recovery Centers for Alcohol and Drug RehabilitationDrug and alcohol addiction is a real problem, and one that should be treated with the proper respect. Often people who are trying to conquer this struggle find that traditional methods, like a 12-step program just isn’t working for them.At Artesian Wellness & Recovery Centers, we understand that you are an individual and as such your treatment needs to be designed for you as a whole. One of the ways that we go about this is to work [...]

What causes addictions?

Could You Be An Addict Even Before Ever Using? The cause of addiction has long been explored. There have been debates over whether addiction is a lifestyle choice, or a mental illness that one is born with. There is some factual evidence that points to addiction being genetic. If addiction is in fact something that is inherited, could an individual be an addict before ever touching a substance? Read the definition of addiction here. Addiction has two very important components that [...]

Nutrition Relieves Stress

Proper Nutrition and Addictions Recovery

Diet and Nutritional Education Helps to Heal the Addicted BrainOften times, when an individual enters recovery, the central nervous system is damaged, creating an unhealthy response to stress. The addict may find themselves panicking over simple tasks or small amounts of adversity. Being prone to panic attacks is not conducive to an easy life. In addition, often when individuals enter recovery they are diagnosed with anxiety disorders, a condition which makes it very difficult to manage stress. In the [...]