Top Rehab Centers In Florida

Addiction recovery for drugs or alcohol is a topic that is very serious. One of the many determining factors for a successful road to recovery is the treatment center experience. Since rehab has been known to affect people differently it is imperative to find the right center for those struggling. Choosing a center will be a difficult decision, but a detailed explanation of the top rehab centers can help make the process a little easier. Here is a list of the [...]

Does Rehab Work: What Makes An Effective Program

Artesian Wellness offers an integrative recovery plan with a success rate at a comparable industry standard of 85%. Artesian Wellness’s well-known program targets mind, body, and spirit for an all-encompassing rehabilitation experience. Utilizing neurofeedback, nutrition, and amino acid therapy, Artesian Wellness also creates a path to sobriety and healthy living that lasts.Does rehab work? There is a lot of skepticism surrounding rehabilitation centers. Do they work? Are they just a money-making ploy for businesses to profit off of mental illness? [...]

What are the Symptoms of Alcoholism? | Artesian Recovery

What are the symptoms of alcoholism? When does casual drinking turn into early alcohol abuse? The holiday season can be a difficult time to balance expectations of drinking in a social setting and also make it a safe space to spend time with friends and loved ones. Alcoholism can take many forms and doesn’t always show up the same way for everyone. In this article, we’ll share more about the warning signs and symptoms of alcoholism. When is it considered alcohol abuse? (Source: WebMD)Your [...]

Fixing Neurotransmitters With a Healthy Diet

Diet is very important to maintaining healthy neurotransmitter levels, which must be balanced so you can function properly. Imbalanced neurotransmitters can throw off things like your metabolism, self-esteem, and how well we feel in general. Fixing neurotransmitters with a healthy diet can easily be done and maintained in anyone’s lifestyle. Fixing Neurotransmitters With a Healthy Diet Incorporating “brain foods” into your daily diet is very important to neurotransmitter levels. Without the right amount of neurotransmitters, you could end up feeling anxious, [...]

How Drug Addiction Affects Children

Children of drug addicted parents often endure neglect, abuse and mistreatment. Due to how drugs alter a person’s perception of reality, it is common to see children not being taken care of. How drug addiction affects children is extremely sad, as they are the first to be hurt by parents’ and other family members’ addictions. How Drug Addiction Affects Children Child Abuse and Neglect The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 2010 (CAPTA) defines child abuse and neglect as “…any recent act [...]

The Importance of Life Skills for Recovering Addicts

Life skills are essential for recovering addicts during treatment and in sobriety. These skills can be crucial in helping people overcome their addiction and can be taken with them as they return to society. Without these skills, addicts are more likely to struggle with stressful situations and big life decisions. Therefore, life skills for recovering addicts are an important part of why they succeed after treatment. The Importance of Life Skills for Recovering Addicts Life skills are important for addicts to maintain sobriety [...]

Short-Term Side Effects of Cocaine

As one of the most addictive drugs, it’s no wonder users quickly find it hard to control their cocaine addiction. Unfortunately, the wonderful high users feel is a dangerous one that can easily lead to death. Be aware of these short-term side effects of cocaine. Short-Term Side Effects of Cocaine Cocaine targets the brain’s dopamine receptors. It releases large amounts of dopamine into the central nervous system, which is why the high is so great. Effects appear almost immediately after a person [...]

7 Things You Should Know About Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes have long provided a safe transition for recovering addicts. Unfortunately, they have also faced harsh criticism for false facts. These homes are not dark, dingy places deserving of nothing but judgmental glances. In fact, to clear the air, here are 7 things you should know about sober living homes. 7 Things You Should Know About Sober Living Homes 1. Sober living homes are not homeless shelters Sober homes are often incorrectly associated with homelessness, but that is far from true. They [...]

Depression and Addiction: How They Intertwine

Drugs or alcohol and depression are a dangerous, but common, combination. On their own, they’re already tough to deal with. Put them together and it gets even harder. Because each can lead to the other, it’s important to understand how depression and addiction intertwine. Depression and Addiction: How They Intertwine Recognize the signs of depression First, it’s important to understand the difference between depression and just feeling down. If a person is experiencing a case of the blues, it’s quite likely that they [...]

The Long-Term Side Effects of Heroin

Long-term abuse of heroin can lead to devastating effects on your brain and body. Although it may seem hard to see past how great the immediate high feels, you must seek help right away to beat this addiction. The long-term side effects of heroin will take over your life. The Long-Term Side Effects of Heroin Long-Term Side Effects of Heroin on the Brain Repeated heroin use causes major changes to the brain. These changes occur mainly in the functional areas associated with complex [...]