Ashley Hamilton: Dad Helped Me to Overcome Addiction

Ashley Hamilton: Dad Helped Me to Overcome Addiction

Ashley Hamilton, star of Stewarts&Hamiltons, a new reality series on E!, says that his father helped him to overcome drug addiction. Ashley Hamilton had problems with drug and alcohol addictions. However, during the most difficult times his dad, veteran actor George Hamilton, always supported his son.

Ashley Hamilton started his acting career in the ‘90s. Still, at that time tabloids preferred picking his personal life to pieces. In 1994 Hamilton broke up with Shannen Doherty, in 1997 he divorced Angie Everhart. His personal life became very public.

Hamilton says, “It overshadowed my work. I went underground, a little short sabbatical.” As a teenager he suffered from eating disorders. Unfortunately, this media circus pushed him to other addictions. Nevertheless, Ashley’s father always supported him and helped to believe in possibility to start over.

Now Hamilton is happy to say that he has overcome addiction. Ashley Hamilton has released a new album. He thanks father for all the support that has helped Ashley to start living again.

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