9 Tips For Staying Sober At Parties

9 Tips For Staying Sober At Parties

tips for staying sober at parties

9 Tips For Staying Sober At Parties

It’s hard to pass up a night of hanging out with friends. But sometimes those nights bring on a wave of temptations that can push you back on your road to sobriety. So what do you do? You could stay home. But you’d be giving up a night of making new memories. So go, and take these tips for staying sober at parties with you.

Tips For Staying Sober At Parties

1. Bring a friend

Friends are people we trust.  So grab someone you know will stay alert and will do what must be done to help you out if you need it. This can be one of your closest friends or a sober buddy who has gone through the program with you. As long as you trust them to have your back, all will be fine.

2. Serve yourself

Get your own drinks. As soon as you get to the party, go straight to the refreshments and get yourself a nonalcoholic beverage. Now you have something in your hands, so maybe people will be less likely to hand you something you don’t want, or ask you if you want a drink. If you’re not sure they’ll have soft drinks, you can always take your own. Just pour it in a bottle and make your way through that all night.

3. Be prepared to answer the inevitable questions

Yes, you will be asked, “Why aren’t you drinking?” People will remember that you used to drink at these parties. Don’t let it stump you. Be prepared. Know what you’re going to say before you get to the party. Have some answers ready for them so you’re not flustered when they start throwing them at you.

4. Curb your resentment

You’re probably going to feel resentment toward the people having a drink. At least at first. And, let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be asked at least once, “Do you mind if I drink?” You’ll say you don’t mind, but it’s actually pretty likely that you do. Don’t let this take over. Distract yourself with your phone and hop on a few apps. Text your support person or find your friend to talk to. Excuse yourself and step outside to get away and clear you head for a few minutes.

5. Get involved

Help the host out with the party to help keep your mind off of other things. Help pick things up or help get food ready. Any of the little things that they need help with. It’s a good distraction and it also gives you something to do if you’re feeling pressured into having a drink.

6. Call/text your support person

When the party starts to become too much, step outside for a moment to call your support person. They’ll be more than happy to talk to you. Or, just text them periodically throughout the night to keep them updated on what’s going on and to let them know how you’re doing. Keep a conversation going or just send regular updates. Simply having someone there to let you know you’re not alone in this will help.

7. Go to a meeting before the party

If possible, try to attend a meeting before the night of the party. This way, you can talk to others who understand your struggle about any worries you might have leading up to the event. Of course, if you received a last minute invite, it’s understandable if you can’t find a meeting at the last minute. You can always call your sponsor or a trusted confidante instead.

8. Be ready to leave

This is always a tough decision to make. Especially when you’re having a good time. However, if you’re starting to feel like things might go south for you, then never be afraid to walk out the door and head home. Leaving a party is often easier when you have a supportive person with you, such as a friend or your sober buddy who will gladly leave the party if you’re feeling like it’s the best move. So always have an exit strategy that can be implemented at a moment’s notice. That way, you can get out of there right when you need to.

9. Just don’t go

Now, we know we said before that this would be giving up making memories, but if it’s a bad situation, it’s completely okay to stay home. If the party is somewhere you know it’ll be too full of temptations and you’ll feel overwhelmed, stay home. If you had a bad day and you’re afraid that might push you to make a bad decision, stay home. Or, if you’re just early in your recovery and you don’t feel comfortable going to a party yet, then you can stay home. It’s ultimately up to you. Whatever you feel is the best decision for you is the right one.

Are these tips for staying sober at parties helpful? Do you have any tips of your own? Share them! And if you’re struggling with an addiction, call us today at 855.981.2020.

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