8 Telling Signs You Need To Go To Alcohol Rehab

8 Telling Signs You Need To Go To Alcohol Rehab

8 Telling Signs You Need To Go To Alcohol Rehab

If you’re starting to feel like you might need help with an alcohol addiction, then you have made a great first step in coming to our site for help. In this article, we will discuss signs you need to go to alcohol rehab and help you take a deeper look inside to see if this is what you need.

8 Telling Signs You Need To Go To Alcohol Rehab

1. You have developed a tolerance to the alcohol

When you find that you need to drink more to feel that buzz that used to come after maybe only two drinks, then you have developed a tolerance. This is a big sign that you need treatment. When the body is regularly overdosing on alcohol, it compensates to minimize damage. Over time, if you’re consuming the same amount of alcohol every night, it will start to affect you less, but cause more harm to your body.

2. You are unable to control consumption

A clear sign you should seek treatment is if you can’t control your drinking. When you say you’ll only have one or two drinks, but end up drinking much more than that, you are not in control. Another sign of no control is if you need to watch your consumption because of prescription medication, but continue to drink excessively anyway.

3. You go through withdrawal when you stop drinking

If you do decide to stop drinking and you go through withdrawal symptoms, then you are addicted to alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms usually start five to ten hours after the last drink and can last for days, with symptoms getting worse after the first 48 to 72 hours. How bad the symptoms get depends on how much you last had to drink. The symptoms of withdrawal include anxiety, depression, fatigue, clammy skin, shaking, headache, nausea and vomiting, sweating, and tremors. Alcohol withdrawal is one of the most life-threatening and should ideally occur under doctor supervision.

4. You neglect your responsibilities

Alcoholics are unable to maintain their daily lives, as alcohol interferes with their family, friend and work relationships. Drinking can take away your motivation to do well at work and can cause you to make errors that can cost you your career. Also regularly calling in sick due to hangovers is a sign of a lack of control. In your home, you may neglect keeping up on daily tasks such as keeping your house clean or taking care of your family. You may also be missing important events in your family’s lives, such as your children’s dance recitals or other performances.

5. You get into trouble with the law

Getting arrested is a big indicator that you have a problem with alcohol. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting a DUI. You could, like many people, be getting in trouble with law enforcement because of fights, violent outbursts, and other risky or harmful actions due to being drunk.

6. You have frequent and lengthy blackouts

During an alcohol-induced period of memory loss, alcoholics can cause serious harm to themselves and others due to severely impaired judgement. Social drinkers who have blacked out know how to learn from that and change their behavior. Those with an addiction don’t know how to change that behavior and continue to drink until they black out on a regular basis. If you drink enough to lose days or weeks of your memory, then you should consider getting help for your alcohol addiction.

7. Others have expressed concern about your drinking

If friends and family have expressed concern about your drinking habits, then you should be concerned too. These are people who are very likely being directly affected by your drunken behavior and know first-hand that it would be a good idea for you to seek treatment for your addiction.

8. You feel the need to lie or cover up

When you find yourself making excuses to cover up the fact that you were actually drinking instead of being where you were supposed to be, you need to seek treatment. This is likely a sign that you’re ashamed of your actions or don’t want people to know that you have been drinking again. If this is the case, get help for your addiction.

Do you see these signs you need to go to alcohol rehab in yourself? If you do, give us a call today at 855.981.2020.

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