4 Coping Skills for Substance Abuse to Prevent Relapse

4 Coping Skills for Substance Abuse to Prevent Relapse

4 Coping Skills for Substance Abuse to Prevent Relapse

Relapse is a part of recovery. There will be times when you’ll be tempted to partake in the activities that you are working to walk away from. To help you, here are some coping skills for substance abuse to prevent relapse.

4 Coping Skills for Substance Abuse to Prevent Relapse

1. Play the scene through in your head

Say you’re in a situation where you could have a drink with some friends. You want to have that drink. You tell yourself that you’ll be fine, it’s just one drink and then you’re done. Play the whole scene out in your head. It starts with you having that first drink, but it leads to another, and then more through the night. Then the next morning you wake up disappointed in yourself. If you see this, you should walk away.

2. Distract Yourself

When you’re feeling the urge to use, do something to distract yourself. This can be anything from going for a walk to calling a friend or going to a meeting. Just don’t sit there with your urge. Simply sitting there will give your urge time to take over.

3. Make relaxation part of your recovery

Relaxation is an important part of recovery. When you’re tense, you’re more likely to go back to bad, old habits. You won’t be as likely to do what’s new and right. Take time to sit back and relax. This will help you be more open to change.

4. Take recovery one day at a time

Don’t think too hard about the future and whether you’ll stay abstinent forever. That’s a scary thought. It’s overwhelming to think about that, even for people who have been in recovery for a long time. Taking it one day at a time means understanding what you can handle emotionally and matching your goals to that. When you’re struggling and having urges, don’t force yourself to look far into the future. Look ahead a day, or even just an hour and tell yourself that you won’t use in that time. Then, when you’re feeling stronger, you can start to look ahead a week, or even a month.

Don’t be ashamed if you have urges or if you do relapse. It’s all a part of recovery. If you need help or would like to talk about other coping skills for substance abuse to prevent relapse, call us at 855.981.2020.

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