A complete and biochemical approach to addiction recovery with a 85% success rate:  targeting body, mind and spirit.

An integrative treatment plan with a comparable industry standard of 85% success rate, including neurofeedback, nutrition and IV amino acid therapy. With Artesian, you’re on the right path to a balanced sober life and results that last. In light of neuroscientific and biochemical discoveries, which have uncovered the cause of addictions, plus advanced treatment techniques that are providing up to 85% long-term recovery rates*.

Artesian has abandoned the concepts of shame, blame, and guilt which are prevalent in addiction recovery. In contrast, Artesian holds to the philosophy that addiction is a brain function disease that is beyond conscious control and is fully curable. We facilitate the process to heal the addictive brain.

How We Do It

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Our Services

Artesian offers a wide array of services to ensure clients receive all the tools they need to be successful on their path of recovery; gaining freedom from addiction and living out a life of sobriety. Artesian Wellness & Recovery Centers, LLC is located on the coast of Stuart, Florida. This area in particular has a special coastal charm. Located approximately six miles from the beach, Artesian Wellness & Recovery Centers, LLC is located nearby historic Downtown Stuart and several museums such as the Elliot Museum and the Lyric Theater. We are also located near world renowned golf courses, beautiful parks, beaches and marinas. This delightful location in sunny Florida offers a new beginning to those with addictions.